Achieving the perfect, lush green lawn takes time, effort and a little patience. With a range of season treatments and specialist applications needed, it can sometimes be tempting to combine treatments to kill two birds with one stone, such as using lawn fertiliser to kill weeds. 

But does lawn fertiliser actually kills weeds? Can you save time on your lawn treatment by doing this? And what are the pitfalls of doing so? Well, if you find yourself asking any of these questions, this blog is for you! 

Here, we take a look at lawn fertiliser's ability to kill weeds and whether or not it is the right way to go for your lawn.


Using lawn fertiliser to kill your weeds 

So, let's get straight to it. Does lawn fertiliser kill weeds? The answer to this question is yes it can, but it is not recommended. Why? Well, because fertilising your lawn and weeding your lawn are two separate lawn treatments that should be carried out individually in order to gain the best result possible. 

By combining the two treatments, you decrease the impact of each treatment, leading to weakened outcomes later down the line.


Weed 'n' feed 

For those people that do choose to use lawn fertiliser to kill their weeds, often the go-to is a product known as weed 'n' feed. This goes by several names across the world but effectively is a single product that can simultaneously fertilise your lawn whilst fighting weed growth, providing more convenience to lawn care regimes but is it any good and should you be using it on your lawn? 

In our experience, the answer is no. Products that combine fertilisers with herbicides contain substances that are not very friendly to humans or the environment and with much more organic ways to do either job, it is always advised to choose the latter.


Why you should avoid fertilisers that kill weeds 

There are several reasons why products such as weed 'n' feed should be avoided. If you're not sure what these are, we take a look at them below. 


Excessive use of herbicides can damage your lawn 

By applying a mixture of fertiliser and herbicides on your entire lawn, you risk applying herbicide to areas that do not require it. Did you know that weeds are often restricted to between five and ten per cent of lawn surface areas? By applying your lawn fertiliser product to your entire lawn, not only do you target this 5-10% area, but also the areas that do not have any weeds. 


They harm the environment 

Lawn fertilisers that can kill weeds contain harmful chemicals which usually do not get absorbed by grass and other plants regardless of how thick your lawn is.

As a result, when it rains these chemicals usually wash off and travel into water bodies such as rivers, streams, and underground water tables. When this happens, they affect the water quality and can lead to the creation of algal blooms which can kill fish and other aquatic life in rivers, lakes, and even oceans.


There are better ways of fertilising your lawn and killing weeds

We mentioned previously that there are better, more organic ways of fertilising your lawn and killing your weeds. For example, proper and regular caring of lawns through mowing, watering, aeration, and feeding, prevent the need to use inorganic fertilisers. Whilst weeding methods such as organic herbicides or pulling ensure that harmful chemicals aren't being added to areas of your lawn that do not require them.


How we can help 

Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we understand that caring for your lawn can be time-consuming and finding ways to care for your lawn that saves time can be tempting but we do not recommend it. In our experience, it is always best practice to give each lawn treatment the time and attention it deserves to achieve the best possible results but if you don't have the time to do this, we can help! 

With our professional and effective lawn fertiliser and weeding services, we guarantee that your lawn will get the care that it deserves whilst saving you precious time. Want to learn more? Simply click below to find more information on our fertilisation and weed control services. 

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