Lawn aeration / spiking

Times are a little hard right now. The cost of living is going up, forcing UK households to stretch every pound as far as it will go.

However, despite increases in material costs and fuel prices, we at Lawn & Weed Expert are keeping the same prices for all existing customers (unlike other lawn care providers, many of whom have been raising their prices recently). And to help you save even more money, we will give you a FREE aeration / spiking when you book a lawn scarification!

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Spiking or aerating your lawn will reduce the compacting effect of the winter frosts and heavy rain. Aeration allows the soil to breathe, improving surface drainage by increasing moisture flow from the surface to the roots. The drier the soil surface, the less likely it is that moss will develop.

Dead moss does not decompose quickly after being treated, and heavy moss growth should be raked or scarified out. If dead moss is left in the lawn, it will block new grass growth and encourage more moss growth.

It is vital that scarifying is timed just before periods of wet, warm weather - this allows the grass to recover and any seeds sown to germinate. After scarification, the bare patches may require some overseeding and top dressing to help new grass to grow. Seeds will not germinate without moisture, or if the ground temperature is too low / too high.

Contact Lawn & Weed Expert now to request a quote for scarification, and have your lawn spiked free of charge! We also offer rewards when you refer others to Lawn & Weed Expert - recommend our services to a friend or relative, and if they become a regular annual customer, you will receive a £20 voucher to use against your next lawn treatment.


Spring Lawn FAQs

With springtime now in full swing, it's the perfect time to make sure your lawn is ready for the months ahead. Click here for spring lawn care advice, or read on for answers to some of the questions we're most commonly asked at this time of year...


Q: Why do weeds appear in my lawn each spring and summer?

A: Weeds are mostly spread by airborne seeds and will emerge once the soil reaches a certain temperature. The warmer the soil, the quicker unwanted seeds will germinate and weeds will appear (this usually happens from March to October). It's a good idea to treat weeds when the weather is relatively warm; the colder and drier the weather, the longer it takes our herbicides to achieve the desired results. Weeds can take more than 3 weeks to die off in cold / dry weather, and they will be replaced throughout the year as more airborne seeds land in your garden. Regular applications of herbicide may be needed to keep weeds under control.


Q: Why does my lawn have moss every year?

A: Heavy rainfall over the autumn and winter may have compacted the soil in your garden. Compacted soil slows down surface drainage, keeping the surface of the lawn damp and encouraging moss to develop. If you book to have your lawn scarified between February and May - to remove as much moss as possible - we will give your lawn a free aeration (spiking) to reduce the compaction. Book early to beat the queue.


Q: What is the difference between moss and weeds?

A: These are two different plant types. Moss cannot be controlled with herbicide and requires treating with moss control. Weeds have to be treated with herbicide as moss control has no effect on weeds.

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