How to lay lawn

Laying a lawn is not your average gardening task, and to do it correctly takes careful planning, preparation and patience. If you are interested in laying a lawn in your garden, why not contact the professionals? Here at Lawn & Weed Expert, we can supply and lay your new lawn stress-free! Simply enquire about our garden turf laying service.

Before you start:

Timing. Choosing to lay your turf at the right time of year makes a huge difference to the finished lawn. While springtime seems like an appealing time to lay your lawn, it might struggle during the summer months if it hasn't established properly (especially if we encounter another hosepipe ban). Ideally, your new lawn should be laid on warm, wet soil at a time when it isn't likely to dry out. Therefore, the best time of year to lay your lawn is in early autumn.

When your new turf arrives:

When your new turf arrives, you should think carefully about where you intend to store it. The best places to keep your turf until you lay it, is in a shaded area of the garden, somewhere where the turf isn't in direct sunlight & will remain relatively damp. Ideally, you want to try and lay your lawn within 1-2 days of delivery. If you need longer, make sure the rolls of turf are watered to keep them healthy in the meantime!

Laying the lawn:

Now comes the trickier part, actually laying the lawn. There's a lot to be said for well-prepared soil, get your preparation right and your new lawn should establish quickly with very few problems. 

  1. Start by skimming off any old grass, removing debris and weeding the existing patch of land. 
  2. Level out the land by filling and dips with soil and flatten and pronounced lumps and bumps.
  3. Using a rake, spread some fertilizer over the surface of the soil and water the soil well using a hosepipe.
  4. Starting at the edges, lay your first piece of turf. Unroll the turf gently & complete the first 'row'.
  5. Lay your second row next to the first, ensuring the seams of the turf are completely flush and compacted together.
  6. Repeat until the entire lawn is complete & trim any excess using a sharp cutting tool.

Initial lawn care:

Once your turf is laid, the hardest part of this job is over. Now, you just need to keep your lawn happy while it establishes its roots. Soak the lawn with water regularly, it's better to apply lots of water to the lawn less frequently to help the roots establish deeper in the soil rather than near to the surface.

Note: It's best to avoid walking on your lawn until it has had a chance to establish, this could take several weeks!

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