January lawn care tips

As we enter into a brand new year, you might be wondering how you can achieve a green & healthy lawn. Truth be told, January can be a really tough month for your lawn - you can expect freezing temperatures and maybe even snow! The team here at Lawn and Weed Expert have put together some January lawn care tips to keep your lawn thriving.


Check for signs of waterlogging

During spells of wet weather. your lawn can quickly become waterlogged. If you didn't aerate your lawn in autumn, then there's a chance that your soil will be quite compacted in January. Don't worry though, if you think your lawn might be waterlogged there are things you can do. Aerating your lawn in January can help provide the drainage needed to prevent long-term damage. If you're not sure how to aerate your lawn by yourself, the Lawn and Weed Expert team can help you. Find out about our aeration service below.

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Keep an eye out for molehills

Moles become more active in January as they search for a mate and build their new nests. If you see molehills appearing on your lawn, we'd recommend exploring pest control options quickly. As moles dig tunnels underneath your lawn they damage the root system and when they move to the surface they create unsightly mole hills. We can provide a mole control service that will help you get the problem under control before the moles set up a permanent home in your garden.

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Treat fungus and snow mould

As you may already know, cold, damp weather can encourage the growth of fungus and snow mould in your lawn. While a few toadstools are actually a sign that your lawn is healthy, an abundance of fungus can be a real problem. While there are some ways you can treat lawn fungus on your own, seeking professional treatment can be a quick and effective way to cure the problem. So if you've noticed lawn fungus or snow mould appearing on your lawn in January, get in touch!

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Avoid walking on frosty grass

While there's always a temptation to take a stroll across the crunchy grass, you really should avoid treading on your lawn when it's frozen. Walking on frozen grass can damage the blades and can even cause the grass to die. If you want to avoid brown footprints on the lawn, we'd recommend taking a different path until the frost has passed.

If you'd like us to help you with your lawn care treatment during January, we have a winter lawn care service that you can take advantage of. This service includes all of the lawn care services you need to give your lawn the best start in the new year. Find out about our winter lawn care service below.

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