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If you've never seen a scarified lawn before, you might find this photo a little bit concerning. The lawn looks dead, dry, and pretty barren. For people who take pride in their lawns, this is exactly the kind of look you want to avoid. However, this lawn is actually on its way to becoming greener and healthier than it was before!


Lawn Scarification: What Is It?

There are a whole host of lawn care treatments that can be confusing if you've never come across them before. Scarification is a process that gardeners use to remove dead moss and thatch from the surface of the lawn. A build-up of moss and thatch can have some really negative effects on your lawn. For example:

  • It can prevent water and nutrients from penetrating the soil
  • It can suffocate new grass shoots that are trying to emerge from the soil
  • It can encourage the development of lawn diseases including mould, pests & more.

Do you think that scarification might benefit your lawn? Unsure and nor ready to commit? You can get a FREE LAWN SURVEY from Lawn & Weed Expert, and our trained professions will help you determine what procedures will best improve the health of your lawn.

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Scarification: Before & After

lawn scarification before and after

When it comes to lawn scarification, the proof is in the pudding. On the left, you can see the lawn before it was scarified. It's patchy, uneven in colour and quite dull. On the right, you can see the lawn after it's been scarified. The lawn is much healtier and the colour is brighter and more even! It's true that your scarified lawn might look terrible for a period, but once it's recovered you'll be grateful that you got it done.

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How long does it take for a scarified lawn to recover?

A scarified lawn can take anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks to recover from a scarification treatment fully. There are a few additional treatments that you can do after your lawn is scarified to help it recover in the quickest possible time. For example:

These are all services that we can help you with! So, whether you want to book in your lawn scarification, or speak to us about additional treatments to aid your lawn's scarification recovery, give us a call on 0800 111 4958.

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