Protecting lawn from digging dog

It's great having dogs - they're great company, they're always happy to see you, and if you can keep them still for long enough to take a photo, they're great for getting a few extra likes on Instagram.

But it can be difficult to keep your lawn in peak condition when you share your home with one or more canine friends. We discussed in a previous blog post the problems that pet urine can cause in the garden - today, we're going to look at how to protect your lawn from a dog who won't stop digging!


Why does my dog keep digging up the lawn?

Your dog may be digging holes for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Animal instinct. Dogs sometimes dig holes in order to hide bones, toys and other items in the ground and keep other animals from taking them. Digging can also be part of a nesting instinct.

  • Stress / anxiety. Excessive digging may be a sign that your pooch is frustrated or anxious. Have a think and try to identify the source of their stress (e.g. loud noises, being left alone for long periods).

  • Heat. If the weather is too warm for your dog's liking, they may dig to expose cool soil and create a spot that's shaded from the sun.

  • Boredom. It may just be that your dog is bored and trying to make their own entertainment!

Here's a hint: look at where your dog is digging, and this may give you some clues as to why they're digging. Does your pet repeatedly dig up the same spot? Do they tend to dig at the perimeter of your garden (as if trying to escape), or do you find holes all over your lawn in seemingly random places?


Tips to stop your dog from digging in the garden

If you're tired of finding holes in your lawn and you want to put an stop to your dog's digging habit, there are several different approaches that you can try. Here are some suggestions:

  • Supervise your dog while they're in the garden. If you're used to letting your dog loose in the garden while you do something else, it may be time to start keeping a closer eye on them. Go out in the garden with your pet, and if they start trying to dig, stop them with a firm 'no'.

  • Give your dog somewhere else to dig. If you have a sandpit or an empty patch of soil on your property, encourage your dog to dig there instead of ruining your immaculate lawn. Why not bury your dog's toys and let Fido unearth them?

  • Take your dog somewhere else to exercise. Running around on the lawn shouldn't be your pet's only source of exercise. Visit your local park or take a daily walk around the block - this will give your lawn a bit of a break and hopefully make your dog less inclined to mess it up!

  • Make sure you're spending plenty of time with your dog. If you're not making enough time for your friend, this may be contributing to their compulsion to dig. Don't neglect your dog - be sure to show them lots of affection and spend plenty of time playing with them.

  • Distract your dog with chew toys and other playthings. A good chew toy or a raw bone can keep a dog occupied for a surprisingly long time. If you're giving your dog plenty to do in their leisure time, this will give them fewer opportunities to start digging again.

If your dog has left your lawn looking less than its best, Lawn & Weed Expert can help. Get in touch with Lawn & Weed Expert to arrange your FREE lawn care survey.

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