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Each year, technology finds its way into a new area of our lives. One minute you’re washing dishes, the next a dishwasher is doing it for you. Once upon a time, all your meetings took place face to face, now they take place through a laptop. Everywhere you look you can see a pattern emerging – technology makes things easier!

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that gardening equipment is becoming smarter and more convenient too. There’s a huge range of robot lawn mowers emerging on the market. These nifty little helpers can keep your grass looking neat and tidy all year round.


Robomow robot lawn mowers are the ultimate option for green-fingered enthusiasts. They can be controlled remotely via smartphone, web-app or voice command… “Alexa, tell Robomow to mow my lawn”. That’s right, you’ll never pull a muscle trying to get your petrol mower going ever again!

How safe are these robot lawn mowers?

It’s not unusual for people to be a little cautious when it comes to trying a new product (especially a new piece of technology). There’s no doubt that people getting on the first commercial planes or using the first smartphones did so with a slight feeling of fear.

Would something go wrong? Would it affect their health? Should they put their trust in it? Of course, there are safety features and guidance designed to make the integration of new technologies smoother.


Well, Robomow has taken these perfectly normal safety concerns and added some clever safety features to put their customer’s minds at ease. For example, RoboVision, an artificial intelligence perception system and camera that helps the mower to register its surroundings. 

While it’s in operation, the Robomower can detect objects that are in the way, allowing it to safely change course and prevent a collision. This is especially useful if you have a pet or young child that might come across the mower in the garden.

Robomow has also included a pin code and child lock to make sure that little ones can’t tamper with the robot lawn mower at any time!

Why should you choose a robot lawn mower?

  • They’re stronger and faster than traditional petrol lawn mowers
  • They can be operated remotely
  • You can schedule the lawn to be mowed automatically
  • They’re generally more eco-friendly
  • They’re quieter than petrol mowers

Where can I buy a robot lawn mower?

At Lawn and Weed Expert we stock a selection of the Robomow products for you to buy. We really believe that this is a pioneering brand, offering the most convenient, safe and reliable robot lawn mowers.  All you need to do is contact us to learn more about the different models and to place your order.

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What if I don’t want a robot lawn mower?

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap towards fully-automated lawn care, don’t worry. There are still other options! While we don’t offer a lawn mowing service, we can help you maintain the health of your lawn all year round with our specialist lawn care treatments. Whether you need lawn fertiliser, weed control, or turf – we do it all!

If you have any questions about the robot lawn mowers we offer, or if you’d like to arrange a free lawn survey, give us a call on 0800 111 4958.

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