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While moss can be picturesque and charming plant to observe in the wilds of a forest, when it comes to your lawn, it’s a much less welcome sight. There are different techniques you can utilise when it comes to the prevention and removal of moss, but what can lawn aeration do to help gardens with a moss problem?

Does Aeration Help With Moss?

While moss is a pretty resilient plant, it does have preferred environments and is attracted to certain conditions. One of the prime conditions that encourages moss growth is damp; having a lawn with poor drainage can leave your garden particularly vulnerable to moss.

Heavy footfall or rainfall can cause your lawn to become compacted, and as a result you’ll see slow-draining areas that hold water and form muddy puddles. Aerating your lawn increases drainage and breathability, as well as reducing the chances of waterlogging in the future.

Aerating your lawn leaves it well-drained, and thus a less attractive environment for moss growth. So, yes, aeration can help with moss.

If your lawn is suffering from waterlogged conditions, you may benefit from utilising Lawn & Weed Experts first-class lawn aeration services.

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While aeration can keep your lawn healthy and discourage the growth of moss, if you already have a moss problem, aeration may be of limited service to you. While it’s always beneficial to ensure that your garden is suitably drained, aeration won’t do much to remove moss that has already grown on your lawn.

If you have a moss problem, the best route to take is to remove the moss completely, and then aerate your lawn. Moss removal can be a tricky process, and if it’s not removed properly first time around, it can grow back pretty quickly.

If you have a moss problem on your lawn, it may be best if the removal is left to the professionals. Lawn & Weed Expert offer moss removal services, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time around.

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Not sure which services your garden requires? It can be hard to know for sure exactly what your garden needs. Lawn & Weed Expert offer FREE lawn surveys and can give you a bespoke, no-obligation quote as to what type of services their highly-trained professionals recommend for your lawn, and how much you might expect to pay.

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If you have any questions about how aeration can benefit your lawn, moss removal, or any other lawn related questions, reach out and contact us here at Lawn & Weed Expert. Our first-class team will answer any questions you may have.

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