We recently provided a lawn scarification service for a customer in Caerleon. As a result, the lawn's appearance has visibly improved - take a look at these before and after photos!

Lawn scarification before and after

Lawn before (left) and after (right) scarification

As you can see, this lawn used to look a little bit patchy, but we worked our magic and it's looking a lot greener now!


Rain on grass

After a very hot and dry spring, some parts of the UK have seen heavy rain over the past few days. There's a good chance that your lawn is rather wet right now - so what does this mean for your regular mowing schedule?

We've already explained why you shouldn't mow your lawn during periods of dry weather. But what about wet weather? Is it OK to cut the grass when it's been raining?

Here's the short answer: no, you should not mow your lawn after rain. If possible, wait until the grass is dry before you attempt to cut it. (Once you can walk across your lawn without getting your shoes wet, you can get the mower out.)


Dying grass

Wondering why your lawn is turning brown? There are all sorts of possible reasons for dying grass - if you're going to diagnose the problem, you're going to have to look closer at what's happening in your garden.

Here are some of the most common causes of dying grass...


Lawn care questions

If you're thinking of paying someone to take care of your lawn, it's wise to ask a few questions before you part with any cash. There are quite a lot of cowboys in this industry, and you don't want to put your lawn's health in the hands of just anybody.

Fortunately, it's fairly easy to find out whether or not your lawn care specialist genuinely knows their stuff. Before you hire a lawn care company, ask them the following questions...


Walking on grass

Grass is pretty durable stuff. Animals can munch on it, lawn mowers can decimate it, the summer can starve it of moisture, the winter can cover it in frost...whatever the world throws at it, that grass just keeps on growing.

So you might wonder why people bother to put up those signs that say 'KEEP OFF THE GRASS'. Surely if grass can withstand the stress of weekly mowing sessions and suchlike, it's not going to be troubled by a few meagre footsteps, is it?

Well, no - if you've ever ignored a 'KEEP OFF THE GRASS' sign, you probably weren't snuffing out countless plant lives with every step you took.

But to say that walking on grass causes no problems whatsoever would be incorrect.


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