what causes thatch in lawns

As someone who keeps a close eye on your lawn, we're sure you've seen a layer of thatch appearing over the spring-summer months, but what causes it? Well, there are a few different things that cause lawn thatch, but the most prominent is an imbalance of microorganisms and fungi in the soil. When your soil lacks these cultures, it's incapable of breaking down the dead organic material on the surface of the soil. Over time, the organic matter builds up and becomes matted together, creating lawn thatch. This isn't, however, the only cause of lawn thatch...


what is cultivated turf

When it comes to choosing turf for your garden, cultivated turf is especially favourable. Why? Because cultivated turf is grown in fields and cared for using specialist equipment. Turf specialists select the best turf seeds and species for their crop so the resulting turf has desirable qualities. The resulting turf can then be harvested for use elsewhere.

For example, if you want a hardy turf that can be used on sporting grounds, a cultivated turf that's made of hard-wearing grass species is the way to go. Lawn specialists will select the right species and care for them until they're mature and well-established, this improves the chances of the turf surviving once it's been laid.


bank holiday lawn care

We're finally heading into the August bank holiday which means you've got three whole days of freedom! You've probably noticed that the weather is starting to turn, and autumn will soon be upon us. So, if your lawn has been neglected over the past few weeks, we have a few lawn care jobs for you to tackle over the bank holiday weekend.


lawn care tips for dog owners

If you love your pets as much as you love your lawn, you're probably wondering how you can create a harmonious relationship between the two. Your lawn is a great place for your dog to play, but they probably dig, roll and 'go potty' on your lawn too. Over time, the quality of your lawn can really start to suffer but don't worry, there are things you can do to maintain a healthy lawn and a happy pup.


how to help lawn recover from drought

When your lawn experience a drought, you might think it'll never grow back! Dry, lifeless soil is not a good sign for any keen gardener, but don't worry, there are things you can do to inject moisture back into your lawn and bring your lawn back to life. If your lawn has dried out in the sun, these are the steps you should take...


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