Leatherjackets are a common lawn pest that can quickly ravish a healthy lawn, but did you know they prefer young new lawns over old ones? That's right, leatherjackets are commonly found infesting the lawns of new build properties where the lawn has only recently been laid. You might also find them in young turf or lawns that have recently been overseeded.

But why do leatherjackets prefer new lawns? Well, the answer is - they're fussy eaters! They have a very specific taste for young lawns because young lawns have sweet, tender roots. The roots of older lawns are bitter, tougher and harder to chew through.


how to prevent lawn fungus

If you're proud of your lawn and keen to keep it looking its best, you should take steps to prevent lawn fungus. While it's true that the occasional toadstool can indicate healthy soil that's rich with cultures, a widespread lawn fungus problem can be damaging and unsightly. Today we're going to show you a few things you can do to prevent lawn fungus in your garden.


January lawn care tips

As we enter into a brand new year, you might be wondering how you can achieve a green & healthy lawn. Truth be told, January can be a really tough month for your lawn - you can expect freezing temperatures and maybe even snow! The team here at Lawn and Weed Expert have put together some January lawn care tips to keep your lawn thriving.


Frosty lawn grass

SHORT ANSWER: Avoid walking on your lawn when there's frost on the grass. Grass becomes more brittle in cold temperatures, and walking on it may damage your lawn.

Winter is almost upon us, which means that you may well see some frost on your lawn very soon.

A frosted lawn may look very pretty, but it should be admired only from a distance. Walking on your grass at this time of year can do a lot more damage than it would during the warmer months.


how to keep grass healthy in winter

Winter can be particularly harsh on our grass and our gardens. The sub-zero temperatures, rain and snowfall really give your lawn a battering, sometimes it's hard to believe it when it miraculously grows back in spring! Of course, if you want your lawn to stay nice and healthy during winter, you need to take care of it.

It's definitely tempting to close the door on your garden and stay cosy inside, but we recommend giving your grass a bit of TLC when you can. Keep reading to find out how to keep your grass healthy in winter.


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