When it comes to lawn problems there are a lot of different things to look out for. From dry patches to pests, there always seems to be something that could go wrong. One lawn problem that people often forget about is moss.

is moss bad for your lawn

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Moss establishes itself close to the soil, so it can be difficult to see unless you get up-close. If you suspect you have moss in your lawn we'd recommend getting it treated right away. When it's left to grow for long periods of time, moss can be very bad for your lawn. Here's why...


should I keep my lawn long or short for the winter

During the spring and summer months, you might need to cut your lawn weekly - but what should you do in winter? During the winter your lawn has a lot of different needs, not only is it battling freezing temperatures, but it's also trying to make the most of the few hours of sunlight.


why is my lawn mower spitting out grass

Mowing your lawn is a regular part of lawn maintenance. During summer, when the grass is in its fastest-growing phase, you can find yourself mowing weekly. When you start to experience lawn mower issues, it can be a real pain in the grass! If your lawn mower starts spitting out grass, it's a sign that something's not right. We've done our research and put together this list of reasons why your lawn mower might be spitting out grass. By process of elimination, you should be able to find the cause, rectify it and get back on with your lawn care routine in no time...



If you're trying to care for your lawn in the best way possible, then it's important you know the difference between scarifying, raking and dethatching. Each of these processes contributes to overall lawn health, but it's important you do them at the right time and for the right reasons.

Raking your lawn can help remove surface debris while dethatching and scarifying will tackle the thick mats of thatch that will eventually suffocate your lawn and prevent it from absorbing nutrients. In this blog, we'll show you how and when you should use each process.


Lawn mower

Cutting your grass regularly is important if you want a neat and healthy lawn. We recommend getting the mower out twice a week during the summer months, and once a week in spring and autumn. (Check out our Lawn Mowing Tips for more information.)

Of course, lawn mowers - like any piece of technology - sometimes malfunction, and it can be quite alarming when they do. Picture the scene: you're out in the garden, mowing your lawn and enjoying the scent of the freshly-cut grass, when suddenly a cloud of smoke billows out from under the mower.

There are a number of possible reasons why a lawn mower may start blowing smoke, and you will need to diagnose the problem before you can fix it. So let's do some troubleshooting...


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