leaf spot and melting out

There are a lot of different diseases that can affect your lawn, leaf spot and melting out are two of them! For a long time, lawn care specialists didn't know the difference between these two diseases, so they were referred to as a single disease - Helminthosporium leaf spot.

As more testing was done, it came to light that despite looking similar and sharing characteristics, leaf spot and melting out are, in fact, two different diseases. Today we're going to take a look at these diseases and explain what they look like and how to treat them!


when should I kill weeds in my lawn

In the quest for the perfect lawn, you're probably wondering when and how to kill the weeds that relentlessly crop up, year after year! Timing your weed killer application perfectly can help ensure you kill the maximum amount of weeds & preserve the quality of your lawn. So when should you kill weeds in your lawn? Let's find out...


what happens if grass gets too long

Tackling long grass can be a real challenge! When your grass grows past a certain length, you'll struggle to trim it with your normal lawnmower, in fact, trying to cut long grass with a lawnmower can cause some serious damage. So what happens if your grass gets too long? And what can you do to tackle it without destroying your lawn or lawnmower?  Let's find out...


how to repair your lawn after building work

When you're having building work done at your home, your lawn can become damaged. Whether workmen drive their vehicles on the lawn to access necessary areas, or building materials like bricks or sand are left on your lawn for a long time, the damage can be pretty severe. Of course, when you're going to the effort of having work done on your home, the last thing you want is for your garden to end up looking significantly worse because of it! Today we're going to look at some of the different ways you can repair a lawn after building work.


Grass in summer

Summer is officially underway - with any luck, the next few months will bring lots of barbecues, ball games, and beers in the back garden.

But while summer is lots of fun for humans, this season can be tough on grass. Lawns have a tendency to dry out in summer, which can be frustrating if you're someone who takes a lot of pride in your home's beautiful green lawn.


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