Dandelions are a very common sight in British gardens, parks and fields. They are characterised by their bright yellow flowers, which eventually mature into 'dandelion clocks' - those fluffy seed heads that fly away when you blow on them.

The sunny yellow dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) might seem harmless enough, but it's still a weed, and a frustratingly resilient weed at that. If you have dandelions on your lawn, they may be robbing your grass of vital nutrients and moisture. So it's important to get rid of them in order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible.

If you don't want your grass to have to compete against those pesky dandelions, here are your options...


Can I just pull dandelions out of the ground?

Removing dandelions from your lawn by physically yanking the flowers out of the ground can be a viable solution as long as you do a thorough job.

The trouble is, dandelion plants have a surprisingly long tap root that reaches far down into the soil. If this root is not completely removed, the dandelion will quickly grow back. Even a fragment of root can become a whole new flower.

If you do attempt to remove your dandelions manually, try to dig up the entire plant, including the whole root. The best time to do this is early in the spring, before the flowers can turn into puffballs and spread their seeds to other parts of your garden.


Using weedkiller to get rid of dandelions

Commercial weedkillers can be used to kill dandelions. For the reasons discussed above, it's important to choose a product that will vanquish the root and not just the part of the plant that's visible above the soil.

Before you apply chemical weedkiller, we recommend cutting the heads off your dandelions to make sure they can't spread their seeds before the weedkiller has done its work. You may need to re-spray a fortnight later if leaves grow back.


Professional weed control services

Permanently ridding your lawn of dandelions (and other common weeds) requires patience and diligence. If you'd prefer to leave the hard work to a weed removal specialist, Lawn & Weed Expert can help - we've been removing dandelions from lawns for decades, and this job can be combined with a variety of other lawn care services to ensure that your grass will thrive over the coming months.

If you are seeing dandelions on your lawn, it's important to act ASAP before their seeds get blown all over your garden. Contact Lawn & Weed Expert today to arrange a FREE lawn maintenance survey.

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