how to get rid of leatherjackets

If you've got a leatherjacket infestation in your lawn, you might be looking for a quick and efficient way to get rid of them. Left untreated, leatherjackets will chew through your grassroots and cause large clumps of grass to die back. You can sometimes spot leatherjackets in your soil while digging up your borders to plant flowers, but the most common sign of leatherjackets is birds pecking at your lawn. If you think you might have leatherjackets, you should look at getting rid of them straight away!


How do you treat leatherjackets?

Here at Lawn and Weed Expert, we have our very own method of treating leatherjackets that's a trade secret. We've found a combination of insecticides that slows down the spread of leatherjackets far better than any insecticides available to the general public. The first step in treating your leatherjackets is to contact us for a FREE lawn survey so we can take a look at the problem. Our technicians will come out and inspect your lawn, before giving you a quote for treatment.

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What happens next?

Once we've confirmed that you have leatherjackers we can use our specialist liquid insecticide to start treating the problem. Again, our insecticides are unlike other leatherjacket treatments on the market, and we have a very high success rate! We'll usually apply our herbicides once or twice over the course of a few months to help ensure that all the leatherjackets have recieved a dose. This is the best treatment method if you notice leatherjackets in autumn or spring.

If you discover a leatherjacket problem in the summer, we would proabably reccoomend our granular insecticide that releases into the ground more slowly. This can be applied to your lawn as a preventative measure. 

Alternatively, if you want to stay away from insecticides, you could give nematodes a try. Nematodes are microscopic worms that can be introduced to your soil to control pests like leatherjackets. However, gettinf rid of leatherjackets using this method can be a bit hit-and-miss. 

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Can your repair damage created by leatherjackets?

Yes we can! We offer a range of specialist lawn care treatments that can bring your lawn back to life. We'd recommend a combination of scarificationaeration, top dressing and overseeding to give your lawn a thick, healthy appearance. 

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So, now you know how to get rid of leatherjackets, why not get in touch for your FREE lawn survey? If you have any other questions, give us a call on 0800 111 4958.

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