what should I put on my lawn in October

October is finally here & the weather seems to have become cold and wet very quickly. While you might be getting ready for the cosy months ahead, it's important that you don't completely forget about your lawn and its needs. Mowing season is coming to an end, so your grass won't be growing as quickly as usual. The cold months can be extremely harsh on your lawn, so taking the time to prepare it for the challenging months ahead will pay dividends in the long run. Today we're going to look at the things you should put on your lawn in October to help it continue looking its best.


Moss Treatment

One of the things you need to look out for during October is lawn moss. The warm, wet conditions make it possible for moss to develop throughout your lawn, and if it's not addressed quickly, it can out-compete your lawn and make it hard for the new shoots to appear in the spring. October is a great time to put a proprietary moss killer on your lawn. This will kill any moss that's developing in your lawn before it has a chance to spread. Ideally, you'll scarify your lawn 2 to 3 weeks later to remove the dead organic material. Find out about our moss control service below:

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Weed Treatment

In addition to treating moss on your lawn, October is a great time to put weed killer on your lawn. There are a whole host of weeds that rear their heads during the colder months, and with your grass growing at a much lower rate, there's a chance that they'll take over your lawn completely. Get ahead of the dormant weeds before they have a chance to flourish by putting a specialist herbicide on your lawn in October. The weed killer that we use here at Lawn and Weed Expert is not readily available in supermarkets & tends to be far more effective than shop-bought alternatives.

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Disease Treatment

October is a time when lawn diseases are rife. The conditions of the lawn are perfect for fungus, moulds & other diseases to thrive! It's important you keep an eye on your lawn during this transitional period and address any signs of diseases right away. We understand that few people know how to treat lawn diseases on their own, partly because there's so many different diseases that your lawn could be susceptible to. The best thing you can do for your lawn in October if you think a lawn disease is developing, is to contact a lawn care professional for a second optionion.

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So now you know what you should put on your lawn in October! By following these steps, you can keep your lawn healthy and disease-free, even during the most challenging time of year. For more autumn lawn care advice, click the button below!

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